My babies

Friday, January 29, 2010


It's cold outside!!!!  I have a Pure Romance party to work tonite.  Hoping that between Michele's party and my party we walk out with some big mooooolaaaa this weekend!!!!  Cross your fingers!  It is going to be a long night for me though.  Party starts at 8p....Hoping to be home my midnight. :)

As for everything else.  Just been hanging out.  I am still fitting into my clothes pretty well.  I am not in my smaller ones that is for sure though.  :)  I don't mean to rush this pregnancy..but I can't wait to get to my pre-pregnancy---like 2007 weight!  LOL!  It's my goal...and may as well keep it going.  I have been eating pretty well..but not crazy well.  I have been sleeping really well. 
We moved Pancho Diva into our room now.  Her room (kennel) is in there.  It has been an adjustment.  She barks and whines quite a bit..but I think it will get better.  The whole plan was that Bunner's room will be my office and that was Pancho Diva's room instead of having to put Pancho Diva to bed upstairs and than Bunner to bed just is easier.  At least the thought is easier....

I got to go see Sarah and Addison last Sunday.  It was so nice.  We just got to hang out for a couple hours and it was no rushing around.  I loveeeeeeeeeee that!
Here are some pictures of me and Addy!  Now keep in mind...she didn't cry until the camera came out.. 

Ok...That is all I have to report today!  Can't wait for this weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 weeks old today....

Bunner is now 8 weeks old as of today.  Crazy crazy!!!!  Still just tired and dizzy.  The dizzy spells really aren't my favorite part of being pregnant...but I'll deal. :) Bunner is about the size of a rasberry. 
We have been looking at baby furniture for fun.  I think we decided to get the transitional cribs/beds.  Something like this is what Aaron and I both like.

It turns into a toddler bed and than a double bed.  I think that is so neat....we can get new furniture down the line if we wanted..but I am sure this would be something that would work for a long time.  It's not like you go buy new bedroom furniture every other year or so. 
Yesterday I was supposed to go to Sarah's to see Addison...she wasn't able to do that I had lunch with Meredith.  It was soooo nice to see her again.  We laughed for 2 was greatness.  I also found out that she lives a mear 1 mile ish from me...too funny!

Aaron decided to dress Pancho up for a belated Christmas.  Pancho stood like this for 20 minutes.  She would not move.  I thought it was too cute not to take the picture..but I did decide to retire the elf coustume.  It is a tad tooo small. 

Yes...this is Gabriella actually changing Jacob's diaper.  Jacob doesn't want his mom to touch him...every time Starr would try to help..he would just say NO! No!  It was too funny!

This is Jacob actually trying to steal my Itouch.  He was leaving with his mom...and seriously was trying to shove it in his pocket without me seeing..What a little buttmunch!

I lastly leave you today with Pancho Diva :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Let me just say....

So far....I have had only "being tired" as a pregnancy symptom.  Now, when I say being is like you have taken an Ambien and Nyquil all in one shot--where you can fall asleep in one single is amazing.  I can wake up at 10a on a Saturday...and go back to sleep at 1p and sleep until 5 or 6p and than go back to bed at 9p...It is crazy I tell you!!!

My new and least favorite symptom is the dizziness.  I am sure there are many jokes to be made about how dumb I am...etc.  However....I am soooooooooooo dizzy.  I am supposed to tell my doctor about I suppose on the 4th I will let him know this and hope there is something he can do to make it go away!

Sunday is Aaron's we are celebrating tonite with Dinner and/or a movie with Brandon.  Should be a nice night.

Lastly I think we came up with a girl name......Not sure for sure I'll let you know when and if it is for sure....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok-I can't promise I will be as good at this as Sarah is..but I will try.

On December 28th we found out that I was pregnant. Woah! I'll tell you what...I was one shocked mama!!!!

It was Aaron's idea.  He said..since NYE is coming up..and your period is all jacked up..why don't you go get a pregnancy test just in case.  We had pretty much resolved that we were not having a baby.  Honestly...almost decided to not try at all anymore....crazy timing.  We had decided when Aaron is 40 and if we don't have a kiddo by than..than we are done trying.  Well he turns 39 on we sure cut it close.  I couldn't believe Aaron's reaction.  He was sooo excited it was funny.  I was just so shocked...I think I still am...I go through back and forth...being shocked and than excited and than scared to death on being soley responsible now for making this baby and than when it is born...actually supporting it. 

I called my mom...and asked her what else she wanted for Christmas.  She had mentioned one day while we were shopping that she would like for Aaron and I to have a baby...that would be a great Christmas I brought up that..she just kept saying.."I don't remember what I wanted for must not have been very important since I don't remember...."  Finally I just busted out that I was pregnant..she was in disbelief.  I couldn't believe I told her over the phone..but again..I think my being so shocked..that seemed the best way to do it. 

When I called Starr....she couldn't believe it either.  She told Gabriella that I have a bun in the oven....and Gabriella promptly named the baby Bunner.  ----It has stuck!

Michele screamed.....She was soooo excited.

Karina almost had a wreck with me in the car......Vivi and Anika cried......

Sarah was going into the hospital the next day to deliver I called her too...trying to give her something different to think about..she was soooo excited and Addison and Bunner can be great friends....

Jessica was just as stoked.... :)  Aidan may have another boy to join him in playdates....

On January first doctor appt.
WE do have a little bun in the oven.  We are 7 weeks as of yesterday.  The little round thing looks like part of the baby..but it is the yolk sac.  I found out that Dr. Preston doesn't do deliveries I am changing doctors.  I have my appointment with Dr. Mitchell on the 4th of February. 

I guess this is a start...more to follow...