My babies

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trip to Pennsylvania

We just got back from our trip. Noah and Jacob are perfect travelers. The plane was no problem at all. Noah slept the entire time. Jacob loved looking out the window. When we landed it took about an hour to get the car all loaded up and then we were on the road.
It was a nice time visiting with everyone. Grandfather loved seeing his great grandsons..and we got to see him quite a bit.
I also was able to take Noah to meet my real dad. The Greene family was so excited to see him. It was like being a movie star...they were the paparazzi...
Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 months and counting

Noah is sleeping through the night pretty good.  He went from not taking a bottle to taking one like a champ...but now not loving to nap.  So, we are working on the napping deal right now. 
We leave to go on our first trip together on Wednesday the 12th.  We are heading up to Pa. to see Grandfather, Aunt Jenny and Aunt Joyce....It will be such an adventure.  I can't wait!!!  Starr, Jacob, Noah and I are heading that way.  We have warm clothes and are prepared for some fun.
Christmas came and went.  Noah was perfect.  He got so many awesome little toys.  I can't wait for him to play with them.  He is sitting up very good with assitance and almost rolling over.  Not yet though.  He lovessss to take a bath and eats 1 tablespoon of cereal at night time. 
Here are some pictures to document it all...

One month
two months
three months
4 months
Santa's little man
Big boy eating