My babies

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting a hang of this...

This is Aaron and Noah talking to each other.  It was going on for quite awhile and then of course I decide to video..and then it dies down..but still precious.

I love being a mom.  I think Noah and I are doing pretty good together.  We have run into one little hiccup though...Damn little thing won't take a bottle.  We have been doing this for over a week.  I don't want to get into the details of all that I have done..but we have tried different bottles, different people, different strategies...and still no bottle. 
Starr has been staying at our house all week working on him.  Thank goodness for her! 
He is sleeping through the night though most nights.  I seriously don't know how to sleep through the night anymore.  My life is so different now.  It is so bizzare how I went from being not pregnant, to being pregnant and now to have this little guy in my life. 
Aaron is an amazing dad with Noah.  He has been so involved and I am grateful for that.
Brandon is doing ok.  Epilepsy has taken over him alot more then we thought it was going to.  It is so consuming and the poor kid is just getting one thing after another happen to him.  He is starting to cope a little better with it though.  It is just one day at a time with him...and us for him. 
This was the first year we missed the National Brain Tumor Foundation walk.  They raised the price to walk to $50 per person.  That is just crazy!  Hopefully we can get back into it next year. 
I am back to working out.  I am hating every minute of it..but I am doing at least 30 minutes a day.  I am also playing with a really cute 3 month old all day and take my little Pancho Diva for a walk every day too :).  I am trying to get back to a happy weight.  I have lost all my pregnancy weight though.  Just want to now get back into good shape!!!  I hope to get back into running too soon.  My plantar faciaitis is really been not acting up at hopefully I can get back into that good.  :)
Love my little Pancho Diva

Cute outfit from Aunt Joyce

This was the last not hard bottle feeding.  He took it no problem.  Then 2 days later...NO WAY!!!

Play Date with Abigail in November

They are getting so big

Finally got a picture of Brandon and Noah

Cousin Jake loves taking care of Noah

Noah and Zachary

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First real Holiday. Halloween. :)

Noah got his first shots this past week.  He has been a little fussy since then.  Making for a crazy mommy.  We went over to Mama's house to help with trick or treaters and had a great day.  He decided not to nap all day so that was fun fun...LOL :)
Somedays I think I have this being a mom thing down pat..and then he decides to throw a wrench in it and change up the whole dynamic...I will get this though.
I am looking for a job...not really hard but I am looking.  I am finding that my awesome degree that I spent 200 years getting is pretty much worthless...unfortunately-my student loan people disagree and find that it is worth plenty...I can't get a job in management because I don't have any experience..however I have a management degree..doesn't that say something?  Whatever.  I am loving being at home with Noah so, I am enjoying every single second..even the seconds of crying and fussing.  Here is a little video of Noah playing. 

And now for the montage of pictures
At Jacob's soccer game

Auntie and little Noah. 

Punching Jake in the nose

Halloween party Starr made.  The pigs in the blanket were mummys

The green dip was swamp dip

Mummy cupcakes

Noah at 2 months.  Pancho is so much bigger then him. 

Our Witches brew

I love this.  LIke he is saying...this is my first Halloween

Smiling at Mama

I don't know why this isn't up and down

After a whole day playing with Coco 

Jacob and his soccer uniform.