My babies

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So far--so good.

I decided it was time to get back into shape.  And this time for good!  No more excuses--no more I'll start next week..It is time and I WILL do it!
Started yesterday.  Ate really good!  Then did some of the Kinect UFC trainer and went for a walk.  OH...ate really good (like I said) and only had 2 glasses of wine. 
Today...I am sore --so that is a good sign!  So, I plan on doing the same today.  It takes one month to start a new bring it on!

Christmas was so much fun this year.  Noah is just so much fun right now.  He is running all over the place.  Climbing everything and he talks to much.  I mean, we have no idea what he is saying.  But,he has words for Pancho and outside and milk and bath and whatever....he is LOUD too.  I wonder where he gets that from. 
His new thing is jumping.  He loves to jump.  He gives kisses to every thing--loves to kiss Pancho and any other stuffed animal.  His kisses consist of....mmmmmm ahhhhh. He finally started to actually kiss though with puckered lips.  He has started this funny thing with grabbing my face and kissing me over and over again.  It is too funny!  He also is obsessed with the fridge and outside.  Do not open the door to either if you aren't prepared for a new game of....trying to keep him out of it.  The fridge..he likes to sit on the bottom of it.  Take all the salad dressing out and put it back on the shelf.  And once he is are not getting him back in without him throwing a fit..He just loves being outside. 
Starr and the kiddos have been here the whole break.  Noah loves to play with them so much.  Jacob and him are like best least in Noah's eyes.  Starr and I are having fun too.  Aaron works so it is so nice to have someone here after I get off work.
This is my 2nd dog.  He barks for Pancho ALL THE TIME!!!

He says:
Happy-means puppy
Mommy - means Mommy
doooaah- means jump
and a bunch of other stuff we haven't figured out yet.  He talks ALL the time!

This was Noah's present from Santa this year:

The child loves to dance. Looks like he has my dance style...

here are some latest pictures:

He didn't like Santa this year

This is at the Colonial.  Looks like he is sneaking up on Santa Claus

handsome fellow in his suit from Aunt Marty

They will all three kill me when they see this picture when they get older

Brain Tumor Walk with Aunt Marty and Mama

He loves to throw balls...or anything..

Pumpkin Patch

He loves Elmo...just not being Elmo

My little organizer