My babies

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010...and 24 weeks....16 to go!

I can not believe how fast this 9 months if flying by!  We celebrated Mother's day on Sunday.  Mama and Grandma Nancy came over and we had homemade lasagna made by was such a nice day! 
I am not sure how..but I don't have one picture of the day except of Festus and one of Aaron and I.

I also got to see Jen for a bit.  And finally meet Mia.  I was sooo happy to to see her.  It's amazing how fast time flies before you realize you haven't seen each other for 2 years.  Growing up is great..don't get me wrong..but it is also so hard sometimes to grasp missing people and moving on but not forgetting. 

As for being pregnant.  Noah is moving around like crazy!  I have downloaded a couple lullaby CDs onto my Itouch...and letting him listen.  I think he likes it.  As for food and eating and feeling good..things are great.  I am hungry as all get out!  I could eat a couple cows a day.  It is a big change from the first and most of the second trimester.  I wasn't nausous...or sick..just wasn't hungry at all.  Now....I feel like I have to eat meals between meals.  And my addiction to fast food has not subsided at all.  Today.....I want Taco Bueno soooooooo bad......Mucho Nachos are on the list for a must have!!!!  I am dog sitting right probably isn't going to happen....probably for the best... :(

Anywho....looking forward to more things to come. :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

23 weeks and 17 to go...

Cousin Festus came over to play this past weekend....too cute...

Starr's birthday cake....She wants to be called Auntie---so we made the cake to her. :)

More Festus and Pancho Diva playing...too cute!

Festus is learning about the butt smell with dogs. for the baby and me and progress.  Nothing much is new.  I have been relaxing as much as possible and just hanging out.  Noah is moving so much now.  It is soooo funny.  When I go pee 3-4 times in the middle of the night..that is his favorite time to hang out and move around.  You still can't feel him just by putting your hand on my tummy....but you can if you kind of lay on my hand.  Soon..I am sure everyone will be able to feel him dance away. 

Still feeling great!  I don't have much else to report right this second...I'll update more later this week when I get more pictures uploaded. :)