My babies

Monday, April 27, 2009

Latest Updates.....

Pancho Diva went to her first Pet Birthday party up at Pet Smart. I was so proud of her. Here is a pic....

They also had a game for the dogs. It was called musical sits. Like musical chairs but every time the music stopped you had to tell the dog to sit and than the last dog to sit is out. Against8-10 dogs...Pancho Diva got 2nd place. Now, I am not saying she would have won..but she got disctracted by someone walking can see in the videos below.

Anywho..I know that was Pancho Over kill..but this is for my personal purposes get over it..LOL! Here is the last one....She is learning the art of brushing her teeth. :)

The best news of the week is that Aaron has gotten a job. He starts on May 11th at Citibank. He will be a mortgage consultant. We are absolutely thrilled obviously! Way to go Aaron!!!! We love you!

We celebrated Starr's birthday this past week. We sure made it a week long celebration also..since we added in celebrating with Aaron's new job. LOL!...Here are some pictures to follow:

This was Tuesday night. We had a midnight shot to start the week off. Bad idea for can tell from the look on my face...Not thrilled.

I thought this was funny. Jeff and Starr apparently both like Brandon Rhyder. This was no planned. teeeheeee... This was at Boston's for $2 pint night. Starr got a little carried away. LOL! Just kidding..I actually got carried away and was in bed by 9p. Getting old is hard.... This was Saturday night. As we pulled into the Waxahachie Expo center we had no idea we needed to BYOB. So, we drove to gas station...paid $12.99 for a dumb styrofoam cooler...and no ice because it took up too much room.....and had our beer. It ended up being way cheaper than we expected. We went to see Bleu Edmondson. He put on a wonderful show as usual and even gave Starr her birthday shout out....thanks to Matthew the bass player. :) I missed it on video..but here are some video/picture highlights of Crazy Drunk Starr..teheeehee.

The man of the night...Bleu....
Starr and Carolina's man..Matthew.

Starr's new BFF...Kelly. ;)

Bleu...being Bleu!!!!

I think I will end the post for today....more to follow tomorrow or Thursday!

Hope everyone is wonderful!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well.....Once again!

Apparently the position Aaron was guaranteed to get has been put on hold. Citigroup called Aaron on Wednesday of last week on "accident" to review with them information and told him that they will have a decision on Monday and will be sending out an offer letter. Ok...doesn't that sound like a sure thing????
Monday came along and Aaron gets an email from them saying the position has been put on hold until further notice. 2 hours later he gets another email saying, "In reference to the last correspondence, you are still being considered for the job".....Ok???? So, Aaron proceeds to email her back to voice his confusion. She writes back by saying..."You are still being considered for the job, Decisions are just taking a lot longer" does that mean 6 months or freaking what??? Blah! We are going with, he has no job still. So back to square one!

What else?? hmmm....On Saturday, Michele and I went to an Empowerment Summitt for Pure Romance. It was so absolutely awesome!! Made us so excited for the upcoming months. We have one busy May....I am hoping for just as busy of a June!!! You know what is the coolest thing about my how much people trust me. I love it. I have been educated myself so much on sexual health and how our products assist with it...I love that people take my education serious!

Well everyone...I am about to shower and get ready for the Pet Smart birthday party they are having tonite. Pancho Diva is so excited!!! We are also lucky to get Aaron coming with us.....He is thrilled...

Friday, April 17, 2009

some thoughts....

Here is the future astronaut....I just love this picture......

You know how weird it is to grow up. I haven't done any of the normal things I used to do. I remember happy hours a couple times a week and not going more than 2 days before seeing my girls. I miss everyone so has just gotten so busy for everyone. So, just for the record...I love ya'll....

What else....tomorrow I have a 9 hour Empowerment Summit for my Pure Romance business. I am so excited about it. My owner Patty Brisban is going to be there. It is going to be very educational and going to help Michele and I pump up!!! Can't wait!!!

Afterwards we have Jessica and David's house warming party. That will be a really nice day. Poor Pancho Diva though...I am not going to see her all day! :( Hope Aaron and Brandon plan on hanging with her....

This is how Pancho feels about me being gone all day!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and weekend updates

First of all..Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny :) Hope you have a great day!!!
I have been sick now for 10 days....I finally went to the doctor. Looks like I have a sinus infection that is infecting my bronchial tubes. I have had a hacking cough for ever...hopefully this medicine they gave me will knock this out FINALLY!!!!!
Well, we started with an exciting Friday night at Starr's new bar she works at. We had a great time but of course I paid for it the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was fun with Carolina and Starr their first Pure Romance Party. I love being a consultant for Pure Romance and it was really exciting to have my sisters enlightened on a my products. :)
You can visit my website at Let me know if you want to order anything... or have any questions about anything.
Saturday night I was in bed by 10p. Starr was out and about with her favorite band. Bleu Edmondson. She paid for it on Sunday but had a blast anyway.. :) Easter Sunday was so much fun. Lots of dishes, candy and mess to clean up...but it was worth it. We had dinner for 12. Mashed potatoes were a little short but, besides was awesome dinner.

Besides that. Hope to hear this week if Aaron got the job at Citigroup. Cross your fingers for us!!! prescription is going to be ready in 24 minutes...Aaron get the car warmed up. I am ready for a Walgreens Run!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some updates

Aaron and Pancho sleeping...I thought this was too cute....

Gabriella's cheerleading outfits for Saginaw Youth Association...

I am still sick! Blah!!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing much to report

I really don't have much to say. That seems to be the norm lately. I just kind of sit around the house and go through the motions.....
Aaron has a phone screening interview today. Keep him in your thoughts. It is for a job at CitiGroup....he would work 11a-8p...M-F and some Saturdays..but at this point whatever we can get at this point. He would be great at that job we are going to have positive thoughts here.
Starr is going through her own excitement. She is a bartender now.....I am so proud of her. That girl went out and just got her self a job..they asked if she had experience and she said...No but I'll learn!!!! Way to go Starr!!!
Anywho....Hope everyone is great...I miss ya'll!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Yeah for me and Michele!!!

Last night we had our first $1000 Pure Romance party. For thost of you that don't know much about all this...that is $400 we get to keep for ourselves. All after 4 hours of work....Tonite we have another party and also on Monday...I am hoping for a $700 weekend!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed...

P.S. Gabriella got her cheerleading stuff today...she is also going to be an astronaut this week!!!

I am sick...can't breathe and can't stop coughing......