My babies

Friday, August 28, 2009

So far so good....

I have been working out like a mad woman!!!! Every day starts with a walk with Pancho Diva and than 45-60 minute work out at the gym. Granted I am not eating as well as I should...but I do reward Whatever!!!!

Congrats to Troy and Melanie on welcoming their son to the world. I am not sure of his name yet...but I am sure he is already loved sooooooooooooooooo much!

The weather seems to finally be cooling down. Low 90's makes such a big difference. It is actually weird to love the 90 degree weather. I may actually be able to take Pancho on another walk today...without melting! LOL!

Another fun thing right now is Facebook. I'll tell you what. I have found so many old friends. I am looking forward to getting together with them all someday soon!

Pure Romance is a little slow this next week or two....I am excited to have a meeting with out Senior Director Monica Carbone....I can't wait to hear what insight she has to offer. :)

That is about all I have today..I am trying to get better on posting bear with me!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Also...Some August Pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Pancho and Rupert playing with our stuffed Pug

Random cows in my neighborhood.....

Hottie, me and my Browneye girl

Starr and Boum

Starr and I

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's just say....

That things are sure taking a turn for the busy as all get out!

Michele and I just got back from Cincinnati for our Pure Romance annual training. It was sooooooo absolutely amazing and knowledgeable.....We had motivational speakers and we were able to meet our awesome owner Patty Brisben.

The last night there we had an amazing speaker Brian Biro. If you have a chance go see him. Make sure you take tissues. We were told we would be in tears and Michele and I were both like...Whatever....5 minutes into the speech..both of us are bawling our eyes out! It was all about Breakthrough Leadership and how we can move through adversity yada yada...well the end of it...we got a 1 inch wooden board and had to write on it the one thing we think we are scarest of....and on the back we had to dedicate it to someone and write what would happen if we look past our adversity...well.....I get to the karate stance...and look past my board and BOOM! broke right through it the first time with my palm....I was soooooooooooooooooooo crazy excited. It is hard to explain the day..but it was the most motivationally stimulating experience I have ever had.....It made me realize that the negitivity I keep in my life is not worth it. I am feeling about 200% better than I have in years....over the last 2 months...I want to focus on the things in my life that matter and that provail! So...bring it on....My fear of Sucess and fear of failure is not going to be in my way anymore. 3 years.....I plan on being in business for myself....I plan on not working for "the man" anymore and I plan on surrounding myself with people that love me and won't bring me down...Sorry Starr...your going to have to go...LOL..just kidding!!!

Hmm...what else...Been working really hard. I have one month to drop some is at least an hour at the gym...weights (I am going to do arms and just get it out of the way) than 30 minutes on the elliptical. I'll do 45 minutes tomorrow on elliptical and than Friday weights and elliptical again....and so on! I am making myself do it...and hating every minute..but damn it! Mexico is coming up too quick!!!!