My babies

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 months old....Wow!

My mother's ring Aaron got me for having Noah.  It is a peridot--for Noah's birthstone...ironically it is my birthstone also. 
Time sure does fly.  We are going to Auntie's house this afternoon for a Halloween party.  So, I will post pictures of Noah in his little outfit.  It is the only outfit where the hat actually fits him.  We are starting to get a pretty good system down.  He wakes up about 5-6am to eat and then naps a little longer.  He does not let me nap though-I have started to put him in his swing about then and then I can fall asleep for a little longer.  We play and watch some TV--he naps about 1p and then we go for a walk and do some house work...and then bath time and bed time he is pretty much out at 8p. 
Aaron has been pretty great!  He has gone through a pretty hard time with Brandon being diagnosed with Epilepsy.  Brandon is taking it pretty hard too...he decided to move over Benbrook and now goes to Western Hills.  It was pretty weird...but we are learning to live with the new norm.  He is going to see a cronic disease counselor...hopefully that starts to help with the anger Brandon has right now. 
Every morning with Aaron leaves for work he talks with Noah and usually gets about 10 minutes of smiles and coo' that has to be a pretty awesome way to leave for the day.
Go Rangers!  Dad and Noah are really excited to see the Rangers win the World Series.

Pancho and Mom aren't too excited..but woohoo anyway!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Could I be worse at updating my blog.....?????

Mister Noah has arrived.  He arrived at 7:34a on August 27th.  He was 8 lbs and 3oz and was 20 inches.  I was not dialating and had 50% more amnionic fluid then the doctor advised it would be better to do a c-section for health of me and the baby.  The longer we waited..the bigger that little man was going to get.  It was a pleasant deal though...except the epidural.  I will never get one of them again!  I hated it and panicked and was dripping sweat in like 2 seconds when the guys said..."There will be a clicking sound"  I did not like the clicking sound....

I was also laid off in the meantime too....10 years with BCD Travel and now I am unemployed.  I am looking for new jobs..but also enjoying my time with Noah.  I love staying home with him.  I wish that was an option..but unfortunately...the mommy has to work...So, I am looking :)

Milestones for Noah:
Breastfeeding is going great
I am 15 lbs less then I was when I got pregnant
He smiles all the time and is starting to coo alot
Last night...10/17/2010--he slept in his crib for the first time and Mommy actually didn't cry
We have been on play dates with Addison, Anika, Abigail, and Aidan...(notice that the last couple years there was an A trend...)
I will add more as they happen
I am going to be lazy...I am going to post a bunch of pictures of the last 7 weeks and then work on updating alot more. 

Just being adorable

One of his newborn pictures.  This is the outfit he came home from the hospital in.

His bath.  He loves them....He hates getting out of them though. 

Playing with Abigail

This made him happy....wrapped up in mommy's robe

Hanging out with his sister

First night in his crib.

This is c-section day.  I was massive huge.

Noah's first birthday party.