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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

coming up slowly on a year....

Pancho Diva is turning 3 on Saturday.  She is a great dog with Noah.  We couldn't be luckier. 

Bathtime is the best time ever.  This kid is a fish. 

We love going for walks and playing at the park.  When it isn't 100 degrees.  So we have gone like 2 times this summer. 

Getting into EVERYTHING!  I swear nothing is sacred anymore. 

Aunt Jen got to meet Noah.  Pictures didn't happen that well.  But we tried. 

First trip to Chuck E Cheese. 

Daddy's new "shadow".  He helps with everything. 

Jacob's new obsession is the superheros. 

Father's day present

First haircut at King's Razor. 

First lollypop. 

Father's Day

Brandon and Noah.  Brandon moves back in at the end of the summer.  So looks like the brothers will get to hang alot more. 

Grandpa and Noah

Here I crawl. 

Hanging out with friend Joseph

4th of July

My little firecracker

Went to LaGrave Field to see fireworks with Melissa, Randy and MaKenna. 

water fun

Too much fun

Professional Pictures...eck!

Kiddie Kandid....I do not recommend!

My little man is coming up on one year...I can not believe how fast a year goes.  He is a great army crawler.  And getting into everything.  I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!  The little dude scales everything and tries to stand--I don't know how I don't weigh 100 pounds...I am never sitting down anymore.  LOL! 
The summer is flyng by.  I can't wait for it to be over.  I am soooo tired of sweating!!!  We have had 19 days in a row of 100+ degrees. 

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